LightworkerDavid - Traveling and Horoscope Reading in Halifax

LightworkerDavid - Traveling and Horoscope Reading

LightworkerDavid - Traveling, Horoscope Reading, Crystal Reading in Halifax. SALE! Oracle card & pendulum reader | Areas of life helped: straight, bi, gay, virtual - love, relationships, sex, dating, marriage, divorce, cheating , poly, swinging | Family, parents, in-laws, steps, siblings, adoption, children, household politics/drama | legal matters, careers, jobs, military, spiritual, peers, friends, money, education, self-improvement, advice, guidance, choices.
11 years of experience in Halifax. Love. Spirituality! Showing those in need, the light. Helping people. Giving hope. Making everyone smile. Cheering people up. Laughter. Confirmation of accurate predictions. Superheroes. Children. Bringing couples back together. Giving good advice. Using Fear. Negativity. Sadness. Cruelty. Abuse. Liars. Destructiveness. Bullies. Trolls. Ignorance. Egotism. Illness. Confusion. Dead batteries. Bitter fingernail polish to keep me from biting my nails. Flat tire. Road rage. Violence. Cigarettes. Drugs. Runnin

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